Wednesday, September 24

To debate or not to debate, that is the question

Obama calls McCain and says, "Hey, let's put out a joint statement on the fact that the US finance system sucks ass." McCain says, "Yeah. Let's." Later he tells the press, "I don't think we should debate on Friday. I don't want to be distracted."

Obama held a press conference a few minutes ago. I adore Wonkette's live blogging version.

4:45 — First question: was John McCain try to fuck you in the ass with this thing?
4:45 — Answer: “Well let me explain the timeline,” meaning YES MOTHERFUCKER JOHN MCCAIN IS A POLITICAL SHITBIRD FROM PLUTO.
4:46 — “More important than ever” that we have the debate. Because of all the terrible problems today.
4:46 — President should know how to multi-task. Ooh doggy.
4:47 — Question: did John McCain tell you on the telephone that he wanted to cancel the debate, like a jackhole?
4:48 — Answer: He kind of mentioned that he might want to do that, but who knew he was SETTLED ON IT? Like what is that even.
(via Wonkette)