Monday, March 12

An added note to the last post.

While poking around for links for the last post, I came upon Jen Wang's Touchfood.

Again, just an amazing artist with a wonderful mind. Touchfood also reminds me of some of the relationships I've had, for better or worse.

B-Day Gifts: Art & the amazing Jen Wang

I have a birthday coming up. My parents, being super super thoughtful, gave me a bunch of artto hang on my bare walls.

Eight stills from Bashki's Lord of the Rings that MamaSix found in our old stuff. Pretty cool. I need to group them all together somewhere. I think the yellow room.

A bunch of PapaSix's photos. He's getting pretty darn good. Some amazing stuff. I have no idea where to put them or how to group them. I have hung on over the bed already.

But the most mind blowing piece they gave me has a bit of a back story... a back story very related to this blog. Months ago I made a post about the artist Jen Wang and how much I dug her work. In fact, I even said that if someone wanted to get me something super cool, I would love one of her originals. Well, Papasix contacted her and commissioned her to do something based on the ol' blog. He sent her links to some posts and she also took a gander around. And she settled on one from last February. Well, one sentence from that post:
Going out to dinner with 2 couples tonight. There will actually be 7 people at the table as both women are "with child." Ah, the world of bumps.

And here is the amazing piece she made for me.
(Sorry the picture isn't better. It is already very nicely framed.)

Isn't that just wonderful? I love how the two men are just shadows and how the "bumps" are little hearts... and how the whole composition approximates a heart. Now, I've haven't worn a sweater vest in probably 20 years, but I think it is a good look on me. And, anyway, the look on my face is priceless... and very very accurate.

Again, thank you Papa & MamaSix. And thank you, Jen Wang.

(I also got a Nabaztag/tag. I'm still trying to figure out what it is. It's cool... just weird... and, um, buggy.)

YDKJ: The Return

You Don't Know Jack was just a magical computer trivia game. It was around for awhile and then disappeared. Now it is back. Yeah, it is only web-based and single player and super short. They are doing daily DisOrDat questions and now weekly "episodes." Still high quality fun stuff.

I can only hope they can get enough backing to start doin this for realsies again. Maybe a console version with regularly available downloads available. Seems like a good opportunity for a continual money maker. Sell me a retail disc with 500 questions and then do monthly downloads for $4 t0 $5.

Anywhozits, here's the link.

(Note: You may want to wait a few days to try it out. Right now the site seems to be sluggish.)

I miss the Apple Pan

While New York is starting to get some decent burger places, I still have fond memories of the Apple Pan in L.A.. Great burgers, great pies.


(via The Gothamist)


Mega64 is just wonderful videogame/guerrilla theater goodness. Most of their sketches will make no sense without a relatively deep videogame knowledge (for example if you are unfamiliar with Ico, this video will make no sense). The Tetris one will make sense to most people at this point (and is somehow oddly touching).

I've finally gotten around to playing Dead Rising so the following video is very funny to me.

But the reason I bring them up today is their special GDC (Game Developers Conference) Super Mario Bros. video.

While the chance that Mario is familiar to you is pretty high, your recognition of the Japanese fellow* is slight... and in there lies all of the humor. That and Link.

*He is Shigeru Miyamoto.