Saturday, March 31

I like my friends.

I had my belated birthday party last night at mi casa. A shared party with JRW and LRL, so there was a nice diverse group of folks. I, personally, had a great time and I sure damn hope everyone else did.

I have to say on the the best things was waking up hungover to discover that certain fantastic folks had cleaned up for you. YAY!

Thanks again to all who came last night. I haven't had a birthday party in seven years and this one was awesome.

Wednesday, March 28

It's not easy being green or Trent Reznor.

NSFW if you are a Muppet.

Thank you! Come again!

Eleven 7-Eleven's across the country are (or might) be made into Kwik-E-Marts in a cross promotion of the upcoming Simpson's movie. Cute idea. I might even be tempted to by a squishee, especially if I can get all all syrup one. Or a chuntney squishee

But the wisdom of this promotion seem dubious. One of Kwik-E-Marts key factors is its wild over pricing. But, hey, I give them props for having a sense of humor.

(via Boing Boing)

Tuesday, March 27

Beyond Improdome

Teammate JR was going to the PIT last night to do Beyond Improdome. It's an open mic, 3-person improv competition thing. Only 7-ish minutes, audience votes by ballots at the end. I said, "Sure! I'll come." Just the two of us so has we walked up to stage a random third person (Cole) stepped up to join in.

And we just attacked it. Played very aggressive, fast edits, being physical, looping back, making connections.

Seemed to work. We won. Apparently a blowout. Woot.

(We won't have a picture up on the MySpace page because they didn't have a camera.)

Monday, March 26

What does Justin have in that box?

So I'm watchin' some tv and see an ad with Justin Timberlake. He is hosting this year's Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. As soon as the ad comes one I think to myself, "Oh, I bet he won't be doing Dick in a Box on Nick." The ad continues to play, exhorting Justin's numerous skills... one of which is "gift wrapping." And there is a shot of him holding out a gift wrapped box.

Insert "SpongeBob wardrobe malfunction" joke here.

In other random tv related notes:
-LOST has finally kicked into high gear this season. Now there is a magic box that allows you to conjure whole people... that you can then torture.
-Battlestar Galactica's season 3 ended last night and it was a doozy. No new episodes until 2008, but we get a tv movie so that's something.
-The This American Life show has started on Showtime... but I don't have Showtime... BUT the first episode is streamin' on the web here (for a limited time)... AND I now have an inside conection to TAL, so I'm gonna get hooked up.
-Joss Wheadon is writing the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comicbook which is being called "Season 8." The first issue was great, like coming home.

Dr. Shrinker

I have spent a large portion of my life trying to convince people that this show ever existed.

YouTube: Proofing SixSider isn't crazy since 2006.