Saturday, January 27

IDIOTAROD 2007! Early Numbers Are In!!!

Number of potstickers Number Six made before he got bored: 22.
Number of racers COBRA attempted to reach by phone: appox. 155.
Number that said "Wait. I get to my pen because I am in a cow suit": 1.
Number that said "Damn it. My brother gave you MY fucking phone number": 1.
Number of COBRA Brand Jumpsuits of Destruction and COBRA Shirts of Cunning silkscreened by the Amazing Silkscreening Timolicious: I lost count but it was a lot.
Number of COBRA Members that really wanted to see the CSI:NY episode "Obession": 5.
What My Tivo apparently recorded over said episode: Gilmore Girls.

Minimum number of beers/ciders consumer at COBRA's Pre-Idiotarod Gathering: 92 + one 40oz.
Minimum bottles of John Walker Red Label: 1.
Minimum bottles of wine: 2.
Number of bottles of Showket, Sangiovese, 2000, that were pulled from my personal collection, opened and one class drunk: 1.
Where the Showket falls on the list of "bottles I was saving for a special occasion": #2.
Number of times this has happened to me with Showket: This makes 2.

Cups of coffee I have already drunk today: 3.

Friday, January 26

Caffeinated Donuts

Doctor Robert Bohannon, molecular scientist, as developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods. Each pastry has the caffeine of two cups of coffee.

This may be the greatest scientific discovery. Ever. This is why I love science. I love Doctor Bohannon. Someone give him some more grant money.

My god. We live in a glorious age!

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This is one seriously messed up ad from the 80's.

Beccause nothing says I love you like fake cocaine.

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Thursday, January 25

Blogito, Ergo Sum

So true and so sad.
(In other news, I am getting pretty annoyed with Blogger's erratic acceptance of pictures.)

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Just because.

Wednesday, January 24

Jen Wang

Someone recently directed me to comic artist Jen Wang. I am in love. If anyone is looking to get me an expensive gift that would make me swoon, try getting me one of her originals. The above picture is "Post-mortem mate." Also be sure to check out the beautiful "Dance of the Flight Attendant."

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It would be pretty except for the vomit

Here is a wonderful Flickr set of upholstery pattern from public transportation from around the globe.

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Tuesday, January 23

Barbarically Brilliant Spectacle

The Idiotarod is always hard to explain to people. They tend to get way too caught up on the "race" part. Flavorpill NYC has decent discription.
If Alaska's Iditarod is a competition of endurance, then NYC's annual Idiotarod is a competition of lunacy, if not idiocy. Replacing dog sleds with shopping carts, frozen wilderness with city pavement, and physical stamina with high alcohol tolerance, this is a barbarically brilliant spectacle to both see and experience. Teams of five costumed, cart-bound participants must reach checkpoints throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan while avoiding officially sanctioned sabotage and the occasional cop. Part Halloween parade and part roving, drunken food-fight, the Idiotarod questions the integrity of natural selection with shameless delight. If Darwin could only see us now.

I would say some of us would rather that there was less food fight... or at least food that was less wet, but what are going to do?


Note to self: If someone has spent more than 6 months following The Dead or Phish, don't stand close to them when they perform any experiment with fire.

Thought of the Month

I doubt anyone actually gets to the bottom of this page, but I just realized I never changed the though of the month for January. Well, I did. Since it will only be up a week or so, think of it as my pre-Idiotarod thought. It is fitting.

Bruce Campbell's Old Spice Commercial

One more reason I love Mr. Campbell.

Blogger weaves story out of most searched-for words.

Ken Levine performs a wondeful little experiment. I shall be trying this at some point. Sadly, I rarely include thinks like the celebrity fest that he has. Mine will end up being about the Idiotarod, Ellie Kemper, daisy sour cream, mythbusters slash, laide crazy sex fucking, all hail hypnotoad, csi:ny, scrotal swelling, swedish sausage, man vs bees, cute chacha guides, joe wengert, elmo, halo 3, banana proves god, and "want a potato."

Star Wars: Mummenschanz style

The final Star Wars: A New Hope space battle done with hands.

The amount I love this is demostration of how much of a nerd I am.

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So I did what now?

Yesterday I decided to make some more Goggle Alerts. "Idiotarod," "Thank You, Robot," some other junk. But also my name. Hubris? Perhaps. Vain? Oh, most definitely. The problem is that my name is a fairly common one. So the first thing Google Alert does is info dumps a bunch of old news stories and blog entries. A lot are about a singer/song writer in Long Beach, CA. I've heard a few of his songs... not my cup of tea. Luckily the gay porn actor appears to have stopped working a few years ago, so none of his stuff came up.

But this morning I get "C— S— Pleads Guilty To Attempted Rape."

There was a slightly nice spin to the story. Apparently I was planning on pleading not guilty and have a long grueling trial where the victim would have to testify and all of that. But then I saw a TV program dramatising how traumatic rape trials can be, so I decided to show some compassion and pleaded guilty. See? Even my rapist doppelgangers are considerate.

EDIT: Oh, great. Now I am getting Google Alerts about my post on Googe Alerts. I need to change it to once a day as oppossed to As It Happens.

Andy Taylor hates America

Man, who knew Mayberry was a terrorist filled, troop hating, liberal whine fest.

Damn you, Andy.

Monday, January 22

MC Chris

I've never been to an MC Chris show but I've always heard good things. I'm going to his Mercury Lounge, Feb 13th show. It's tha one the record label big wigs are coming to. So get your nerdcore on and come join me.

Idiotarod - Jan 27th.

Remember The 4th Annual NYC Idiotarod is this Saturday.

Time is running out. Pre-registration only lasts until Thursday. Go to the site. Do it.

The lives of small fluffy critters count on it.

If, for some god awful reason, you are too lazy to run (shame on you!), the after party shall be an event to remember.

WHEN: Sat., Jan. 27th, doors open at 6pm.
WHERE: 21-03 44th Ave (corner of 21st Street), Long Island City, Queens, NY
HOW MUCH: $10 (free with race registration)
WHAT: $5 Booze, $4 Beers
Kickass bands! Peelander-Z, Golem, Robert Urban & R.U.B., Flaming Fire, The Impulse, Gowanus Corral.
Jaw dropping Burlesque! Blackie Deuce, Moxie Block & Meatfingers, Runaround Sue.
Amazing! Dirty Finger (Black Label), James Stacher (Black Label), Rench.
Live Video Mixers!
Award ceremony!

Seriously, kids. How can you miss this?