Saturday, February 28


I know I promised not to make this an all bacon blog. But...
New born rides on a bacon winged unicorn.

And then there is this that. I think I have my post-birthday party plans now.

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Friday, February 27

Care Bear fan-fiction

Have a good weekend, everyone!

For Matt & Danielle

For Katey

Many more of these 'episodes' can be found on YouTube.

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This is How the World Ends: Fat Talking Unicorns

I've been spending some time making a comprensive list of apocatlyptic stories, films, etc..  In search for ones that are more obscure, I found Black Moon from 1975.

Thursday, February 26


The fact that this makes me laugh so hard is explained by (1) the amount I've watched Futurama and (2) the amount of times I've seen the Watchmen trailer.

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The Midnight Show

"Anyone not afraid of the dark
Has no imagination."

I probably butchered those lyrics.

I went to the Not Waving But Drowning show at Rockwood Music Hall (cute venue, over priced drinks with surly staff).  NWBD was great (as always).  The Midnight Show played right before them.  I know Erdos in passing but had never heard her play/sing before.  Fantastic (her and the whole band).  If you can, you should try to catch them on Monday.

Tuesday, February 24

A few photos from the anniversary show

From's Flickr set.

I look so intense here.  I love it and this has become my standard profile picture.  It is also why I like my hair.

Intense in a very differnt way.

Matt is actually being caring in this moment but it looks like he's about to choke me.

My favorite picture. And it's not improv.  It's from our introduction of the 5 Dude's set.  But, seriously, is anything more awesome than Jeremy flinging a cobra at the audience? 

It is like eating Cupid's heart

(The lighting on the photo is bad.  It is actually sort of pretty.)
Here it is.  My modified Bacon Explosion (still needs a new name).  Bacon weave, bbq rub, Italian sausage, crispy bacon, bbq sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes (made with a bit of cream cheese), spinach, a bit more bbq sauce.  Cooked in a oven at 275° for approx 2 and a half hours plus another 20 minutes at 375° (in an attempt to crispt up the outer shell).

Yes.  It is magnificent.  It looks more burned than it is and all of that is just the bbq sauce.

There are some things I'd change.  Thinner layers but more spinach.  And fresh spinach.  And less sweet bbq sauce.  And spicier bbq rub. I should have made the sausage, potato, crisp bacon and spinach layer on a piece of plastic wrap to get a tighter roll.   And it definitely would benefit from being grill over hickory.  

I fear however that the bliss that would be created by making it better might break my mind.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to discover that your lover, finding you aroused in your sleep, has taken you between their legs and begun to make love to you?  Not in a creepy way.  But you wake up to find yourself already close to climax.  And then you realize that your lover is actual the goddess Venus?  And The Pogues are playing live in your bedroom, but it isn't your bedroom? It's actually a tropical beach and a crystal clear night, temperature just cool enough to cool the sweat on your skin? And off in the distance, a lighting storm lights up winged unicorns that do battle in the sky for your enjoyment?  And then Venus begins to feed you bacon?

It's like that but in loaf form.

One slice was enough.  Now the rest of it sits downstairs, mocking me for not being enough of a man to appreciate its glory.

My house smells delicious

As the modified Bacon Explosion (it needs a name... I am open to suggestions) cooks, I wait. Seriously, I won't turn this blog into an all-bacon site. Others do it much better than I ever could.

But while I wait...

"Bacon is a goodness multiplier." - Me

Bacon Explosion Made Healthy

Okay, not healthy.

I decided to make one tonight. Why? Who the hell knows. I was at the store. And I had a craving and I really felt like giving into a craving.

So I am making it with added layers of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and spinach. And I am using half as much sausage.

I just made the bacon weave and spread the sausage layer. My camera is charging so no photos yet but hopefully after it is cooked.

(I am also not grilling it. Yes, very sad. But it's too cold out.)

The Point.

Serioulsy, if you haven't watch this and haven't had your kids watch it...

Animated movies I grew up with

The Point.


(I have not watched this in probably 25 plus years. There is a song in part 7 that gets stuck in my head about once a month.)

I honestly think this goes a long way to explaining me.

Wishful Drinking

Awesome cover to Carrie Fisher's new book.

Monday, February 23


This flash game is crazy.  And stressful.  And ingenous in its simplicity.

I'm not even going to describe it since the discovery is part of the fun.

And here's the sequel: Cursor*10 2nd. a little hug from God

"Bacon is like a little hug from God"

Today has been a little rough.  I'm still sick.  Like a child, I lost my wallet on the subway.  Like an adult, I made choice that was correct but meant missing out on something I was really enjoying.  And, since I lost my wallet, I couldn't go to Gravid Water and 2-Square at UCB.

I think I'm going to go buy some bacon.

Back to the Future Alternate Ending

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Things that need words

• The tendency or action of obsessively checking a Facebook event to see how many/how quickly people accept.  (Related to checking how quickly something gets reblogged on Tumblr.)

• The pause in a gChat conversation when both people see that the other person is typing and then both wait for the other person to finish.

• Blog entries that are made just for the sake of making a blog entry because you hadn't made one for awhile.

• Responding in a Facebook event's comment section just to give your regrets that you can't come.

a LEGO a day


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AT-AT Boombox

Matt Hazard