Saturday, December 30

Love Letters

Jeff Paul is an animator who went the extra mile when proposing to Natasha. He enlisted a 20 animators AND is animation students at CalArts to make this. It took three months. Then he brought her to the Parkway Movie Theater in Oakland, where he played the animation on the big screen in front of over 100 of their friends and family.

I love this stuff. Makes me warm and fuzzy.

He also has a sequel that they burned onto DVDs and sent out as wedding invintations.

Oh my god. I want a potato!

I am watching a bit of tv and an ad for Daisy Sour Cream came on. The jingle... "Things taste better with a dollop of Daisy... A dollop of Daisy... A dollop of Daisy." And a shot of a huge plop of sour cream unto a potato. That is so what I want. I want potato skins in cheese and beef and bacon and onions and sour cream.

And I want it now.

Yes, no point to this post except that I am a slave to tv advertising because I am going to run out the door right now and buy all the fixins'.


Happy last few hour of 2006. It sure was a bitch, wasn't it?

To keep on hand for Monday morning

How Hangovers Work.

Hope you all have a glorious New Year's Eve and a not to painful New Year's Day and a mindblowing, fantastic, rewarding, warm, sexy, loving, pleasing, laugh filled, magic packed, crazy in a good way 2007.

Robot Suit

In reality, it sounds like a slight muscle assist to help the paralyzed rehabilitate. But this Japanese "robot suit" looks awesome and I if I were a superhero I'd get one.

(via Crave via Gizmodo)

Burn Me Elmo

I'm in a grouchy mood today. Just one of those things. I just have certain things that are a bit up in the air. It's fine, I just like knowing. Ah, well. It will work out or it won't. If it doesn't I am not worse off than I was before. In fact, the experience itself was worth it.

But it made me grouchy today. I also have no food in the house and I don't feel lke going shopping... but I will. Maybe pick up a movie.

So, in honor of my grouchy mood, I bring you Tickle Me Elmo Extreme on fire. Burn, Elmo. Burn and laugh.

Friday, December 29

Banned in NYC

From the NYPost.
Here it is (I don't know if some of these are actually banned or there was just an attempt to ban them.)
  • Trans-fats.
  • Aluminum baseball bats.
  • The purchase of tobacco by 18- to 20-year-olds.
  • Foie gras.
  • Pedicabs in parks.
  • New fast-food restaurants (but only in poor neighborhoods).
  • Lobbyists from the floor of council chambers.
  • Lobbying city agencies after working at the same agency.
  • Vehicles in Central and Prospect parks.
  • Cell phones in upscale restaurants.
  • The sale of pork products made in a processing plant in Tar Heel, N.C., because of a unionization dispute.
  • Mail-order pharmaceutical plans.
  • Candy-flavored cigarettes.
  • Gas-station operators adjusting prices more than once daily.
  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
  • Wal-Mart.
I can't verify all of the things on this list (well, I probably could, but I'm lazy today). But my usual weekend of driving through Prosepct Park, snacking on pit bulls smothered in transfats and stuffed with foie gras and wrapped in some Tar Heel bacon, while smoking peppermint cigarettes and beating clowns with my alumium bat is now all shot to hell.

Tiny Animals on Fingers

A cute cute cute photoset on Flickr. Tiny animals. Lots of bugs and frogs, but also little mammials. If you're feelin' a needed dose of "awwwwwwwww," click on through.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

I've had The Perry Bible Fellowship site bookmarked for a while. This morning I finally got caught u on their strips. 9 out of 10 are genius. The 10th will be transendent. The strips I've included here aren't even my favorites.

Thursday, December 28

Pat Baer

I just thought I would pimp out Pat Baer's podcast about the New York comedy scene. it is like pulling up a cozy chair next to a fire with some funny people not tryingto be funny and just talking about the NYC world of comedy... and other stuff. It's like a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmellows.

Kid's Guitar Hero II: Cute Overload!

Here is Tristan rocking with his dad, trying out Ant Commandos' Shredder, which is designed for smaller rockers. Tristan may still be a bit too small for the buttons, but it is still pretty darn awesome.

(via Kotaku)

Wednesday, December 27

I'm coming

So, Brooklyn, I will be back there soon. I know how much you missed me. And I know I wasn't as attentive as I could have been before I left. I was spending a lot of time with Manhattan. I'm sorry. But I had a long talk with L.A. and I have cleared my head. I will do less running around, okay?

Keep the bed warm,
Love, SixSider

SantaCon in Antartica: Santartica!

This warms my heart. SantaCon/Santanarchy is celebrated way down towards the South Pole. Photo and the blog.

(via Boing Boing)

"Oh my! What a big metalic claw of death you have there!"

Image Hosted by
I am torn by the whole robot thing. On one hand, they're just cool. Sleek, hard, metal, tributes to man's appeality not to just recreate our owm image, but our minds as well (if not with 100% fidelity). On the other hand, they take our jobs and want to kill us all (yes, even your Roomba wants to suck the life from your body). And now they are seducing our women. (NSFW, although it is very mild.)

I know I shouldn't worry but I do. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't find this photos so appealing. Oh, robots. How can mortal men ever compete with your logical and murderous charms?

(I don't read Spanish, but Google's translation does give some good bits. For example, I was unaware of the 2005 porn movie Abducted by the Daleks. (Also NSFW, slighly less mind.) Too bad it's too late to ask Santa for a bootleg copy.)

(via Camille Javal)

Finnish Sausage Monster

I'm not even going to say anything about this one. Just I love


Tuesday, December 26

Klaus: Wacky German Forklift Driver

EDIT: 1/11/07. I have been in formed by YouTube that Klaus has been removed because it infringed on the copyrights older. So I ask Trigon to please post it somewhere I find some way to distribute it. Because it is genius. I heart Klaus.

This is the best forklift safety video in German that you will watch this year. It will inform you and keep you alive. I will have you cheering for Klaus and cursing him.

Oh, Klaus! What will we ever do with you?

(discovered by PappaSix)

Monday, December 25

The Pope wishes you a merry Christmas... and wants to eat the hearts of young boys

This is purely a comment on this photo of the Pope giving Christmas midnight mass. Nothing else. Really.

Sunday, December 24

On the eve of celebrating the virgin birth of of the son of the diety... I say, "What diety?"

While I consider myself agnostic (it's not that I don't believe god either exists or doesn't exist... I just believe you have no way of proving it to me), I tend to agree with atheists a lot more. Last year I posted Penn Jillette's "This I Believe" essay on the topic, which pretty much summerized my feelings.

Today I bring you a quicky article from the L.A. Times.

I love what historian Stephen Henry Roberts once said:
"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."
Chew on this while you pray to your Baby Jebus.

McDonald's 1972

Yes, I'm just posting random stuff at this point. Just some holiday love for you.

I am loving being in L.A., even if 69 degrees and sun skies is anathema to Christmas in my brain. But I love my family so incredible deeply. It often makes my sad that I am so far away from them most of the time. But I love New York, too. So is the choices we must make.

So I send out good thoughts to you and your families and friend. Go ahead. Eat to excess. Drink too much. Get into fights about some perceived slight committed in 1997.

FSM: The Game

Not to the add to the controversy of the Left Behind video game, I bring you The Flying Spaghetti Monster game.

Reuters picks up Ellis's Second Life article

This is good news for those of us who follow Second Life and how it is the protoculture of the virtual metaverse of the future. (If that sentence made any sense to you, than you care about this. If you didn't, just move along.) Warren Ellis, author of such amazing comic books as Transmetropolitan and Global Frequency, has been writing a series of "Second Life Sketches" on his website since August. Now Reuters has picked it up.
“Second Life is not only the biggest digital art installation in the world, but potentially the most radical shift yet in the way communities are formed online, and possibly also the germ of the next great operating system,” Ellis said. “It’s not only a place where people get as strange as they can, but an incubator for the future.”

Ellis is probably the person giving Second Life the most serious thought... or at least the one writing about. If you are at all curious as to what all of this Second Life stuff is and what it might mean for your children, give Ellis's stuff a read.

(via Boing Boing)

And for a very special family tradition: Mail the hot dog

Two sisters mail a hot dog back and forth.

For 54 years.

The same hot dog.

It's heartwarming. And disgusting.

One Man vs. A Lot of Bees.

And this is why man discovered fire.

Oh, be quiet! Bees aren't cute.

9 Days of Judgement

And a very Cthulhu-mas to all of you. (Lyrics here, although you know it is best not to read if you mean to keep your sanity.)