Sunday, September 21

Sunday morning

I haven't posted in a few days based purely on being busy. And not having much I felt like posting about. Neither is a real excuse, I know.

Our show on Friday went well. Small audience but Thank You, Robot did get closer to what we have been wanting to work on. I have a weird pride in my team, not based on how funny our shows are (which I am also proud of) but in our desire to get better.

Yesterday I saw a dress rehearsal at the Met. BIG OPERA! It was fun (except that I was so tired). I still do my "well, if I was directing that show..." thing which is a bit weird to do to a standard grand opera. It was long. Started around 11am. Ended shortly after 3pm. There were 3 half an hour intermissions. I should see if the Met wants to have improv sets at intermission. I am SURE those the opera audience would love it.

I start my 600 level improv class at UCB tonight. I am all atwitter.