Saturday, January 20

This is definitely one of those times that I should probably not blog. Let us take that as a given.

Tonight was very curious, as is any time I get to spend time with my 'rents and their friends. The realization that the divide of time between us has become minute, almost negligible, is a hard concept to grasp. I am unclear at what the difference between 35 and 65 is any more. Maybe there is nothing.

Wisdom is such a strange thing. I am fully aware that I have none or little. But I was realize that I am an expert at processing the wisdom of others. I can, with little thought, restate, clarify, calcify the words of others.

I have, for the first time in my life, realized that I have a huge amount of strength. That seems insane to me, as I often feel so weak and confused. But tonight it suddenly became clear that EVERYONE feels that way, and that I am, in my own messed up way, more on a path than so many others. And I now know that my own knowledge of theat path gives me a huge amount of control.

I can clearly see half a dozen very clear roads before me. Each has an intriguing aspect. Some roads intersect with others, bu t with distinct secondary players. And the fact is that I am somewhat torn. I am insanely curious, but I know that to open some doors closes off others.

But, for the first time in my life,. I can see all of the doors, and I get to consciously choose which door to pass through. And that gives me a huge amount of control... control that I am somewhat uncomfortable with.

Friday, January 19

401, Thank You Robot, Gravid Water & Cage Match

My 401 improv class this week felt like a mini breakthrough moment. Certain things that had seemed contradictory in my brain just started to fit together. Things that seemed like constraints are now opening up, giving me freedom. I might be deluding myself but I think I'm making progress.

The lovely performers that I have been working with on Sunday practices have formed into a true improv team. We even picked a name: Thank You, Robot. Okay, admit it. That is an awesome name. Go make us your MySpace friend. We have lovely pictures of robots.

Last night I went to see Gravid Water at UCB. As always, it blew my socks off. Again, I never know how that show is viewed by non-actors and non-improvisers. There is so much of it that tickles me on technical/intellectual level. Last night they did the same scene twice, switching which character was player by the improviser. Fascinating to watch the subtle changes in tone and content. Gravid Water just reminds me how slippery words are and how poor humans are at communicating. That sounds like a back-handed compliment. It is meant as a true compliment. I think some of the truest character work I've seen in improv.

Anywhozits, it was fun to watch Dan Bakkedahl be an actor this time.

The Cage Match finals were last night too. Reuben Williams went up second and they were great. But they had a hard fight because of the stellar set Hot Sauce put up. Normally only a three man team, they were short on because Adam Pally was off exploring the Amazon (or something). So it was only 2/3rds of Hot Sauce but they put out an amazing amount of work. They are known for very quick scenes and they upped it with just Ben and Gil. It was like watching, well, a tornado of ideas and characters. Amazing callbacks and connections. So it didn't surprise me when they won. Props to you, boys. When Adam gets back and if he hasn't succumbed to malaria, I am sure he will be darn proud.

I also bruised my hip and ankle while performing acrobatics on the poles and overhead bars in an empty 1 subway train last night. My fellow acrobat apparently missed me falling four feet onto my back. But she had circus training so it wasn't a fair match up. Not that is was a competition. Either way, I feel like I got hit by a train... which is basically what happened.

Tuesday, January 16

CEO's Love No Pants

The story goes that back in 1997 Airbus CEO Jean Pierson dropped trou to seal a deal with US Airways.

At the last minute, US Airways' then-chairman Stephen Wolf started arguing for a 5 percent discount on the selling price.

"Pierson began slowly lowering his trousers and saying 'I have nothing more to give.' He then allowed the trousers to fall around his ankles."

I think Improv Everwhere should send an invite to him to be the Master of Ceremonies at the 7th Annual No Pants Subway Ride.

The Battle of Brooklyn Reeactment Post-it Tag

I have had a dream of reenacting the Battle of Brooklyn in Prosepct Park for a while now. Originally it was conceived of as a water balloon fight, but I have always been worried about innocent bystanders getting hit and then the clean up of a few hundred burst water balloons. Also it is hard to decide when you have actually been fatally hit. So I have been stymied for almost two years.

But tonight, just as I was trying to go to sleep, it hit me: Post-It Tag. Each person starts with a certain amount of Post-Its on them. Players grab Post-Its off each other, sticking them to them selves. If you lose all of your Post-Its, you're dead. The Post-It also allows some other tricky things. See, I want to do the Reeactment RIGHT, and that means not restricting it to the standard Revolutionaries and Red Coats. I want to include the French... the Ninjas... the Robots... the Pirates... the Zombies... But how can a Zombie makes someone else into a Zombie? Easy! Slap a green Post-It on someone's forehead!

Some times the brillence of my brain amazes me.

Expect it this spring.

Blogger Makes SixSIder Angry

Blogger is having issues... or at least I am having issues with it. It has been very spotty on photo uploading for weeks and it has been insanely slow tonight. Grrr.

BUT I did just see an ad fr the Bedazzler. I haven't seen one in years. It was so nice to see.