Saturday, July 25

Instant Poetry Jr.

Instant poetry jr.
Ready to go, I asked.
Just let me finish my daydream,
she answered.

(from Instant Poetry)

Often when I wake up, I realize that I have left a dream uncompleted. I almost always have to go back to sleep to finish it.

Thursday, July 23

Dr. Who asks the hard questions: "What are you doing here?"

Spoilers t-shirt

I like the idea of this shirt better than the execution.
From 202 Star Wars T-Shirts

Otters Squeek?

I don't know what I thought otters sounded like but it is not like they do in this video.
In other news... Nicole, it turns out you still don't do a good baby bird impression but you do a great otter.

Wednesday, July 22

Flynn Lives! (TRON2 viral site)

I know I will probably be disappointed whenever this movie comes out but this gets me excited.  So excited.  (I still can't understand why they haven't released a quality version of the teaser from last year.  Maybe we'll get something from Comic-Con.  Fingers crossed.)

Moon Man Robot... only $2!