Friday, December 8

Our President... doing a 'bit' with his dog

"Barney's Holiday Extravaganza"

Click on the right for the movie.

I... oh, there is nothing to say. Really. The President is talking to his dog. And Barney is no Fala.

Halo 3: Instant Karma

John Lennon died 26 years ago today. And while some will whince at the mash-up of one of his songs and a violent video game, it does work amazingly well. One of my interweb friends made this using the Halo 3 tv ad that was broadcast this last Monday.

Thursday, December 7

Eat your fruit and veggies!

Magnolia Thunderpussy (hey, I just report the facts) has put up a glorious collection of old fruit and vegetable ads on Flickr. I included the lower one because I am immature.

(via Jason Tester via Boing Boing)

Barcade Child's Play Event

For all of you who missed it.. you missed it. And you missed a glorious night. If you happen to be a geek. Oh, it was a geek fiesta!

First, as always, Barcade had a might selection of brews. And some fine arcade machines. (I have lost all of my Q*bert skills, but my Tapped skills are still HOT.)

And then there was the auction. They clearly had more swag then they new what to do with. While I didn't win the 9 cases of some microbrew (I forget which... but NINE CASES!) or either of the custom Guitar Hero controllers (and, oh, those were fantastic controllers! Real electric guitars but all PS2ed!), I did get a fair amount of swag myself. School Tycoon (okay, whatever), some Good/Bad/Ugly/&Hilary diecut political cards (okay, don't understand either), a copt of Import Tuner Challenge for the 360, The Will Eisner Companion, and some Invader Zim display figures (which are pretty awesome). They were trying to get rid of stuff quick. I also got handed so snazzy shot glasses that I passed to the girl behind me because she hadn't won anything (her breasts were "unlucky"... long story). Much swag just got thrown into the audience.

And then there was the Guitar Hero II tournament. Wow! Most of the head-to-heads were blowouts (including the 13 minute final set to Free Bird). But there were some close battles. It is pretty amazing being with 100 folks cheering on two folks rockin' to a video game. But the most amazing geek moment was when two people selected Trogdor to play. There was cheering and screaming and singing along. Beer plus video games plus heavy metal plus internet flash cartoon plus kick ass dragon equals heaven.

And it was all to help sick kids. Can't go wrong with that! Again if you missed it (you know who I am talking about), you missed a very special night. Unless you were there and I missed you in the press of bodies. But I looked! And you weren't there. Sigh.

Tuesday, December 5

The Lost Wii Warnings

As a follow up to the warnings in the Wii's Japanese manual, Iconfactory has made some of their own.

(via Kotaku)

Jolly St. Nick Is Darn Scary

As I am finding myself referencing practically everything she posts, I realized that I have to give Lukira a slop on the links list.

She currently has a wonderful, get in the spirit for SantaCon slide show of photos of kids scared of Santa. The photos were sent in by readers to, and Chicago Tribune a few years back.

So much stuff to do!

I had a great rehearsal of something new. It was just–

Wait. Let me start again. There is just so much stuff going on right now, that I don't even know how much I'm going to be able to post. Let's go over all of the things you can find me at in the coming days.

Today (Tuesday, Dec. 5th): I shall be hitting Harold Night at UCB. Some fine teams shall be one stage. At 8pm you have T.R.U.C.K.S. and then Beverly Hills. Personally, I think Beverly Hills has the highest "sexy" quotiant of any other team right now. They just drip sexy. Then there is Creep and 1985. Creep has Angeliki George, Ryan Karel and Silvija Ozols who are all amogst my current favorites. Yes, Silvija is my current improv crush.

On Wednesday, I shall be going to Barcade for the Child's Play F√ľnde Razor. I will be the one losing at Guitar Hero. If that isn't your cup of tea, you should head to UCB at 11pm for a free show of some awesome sketch comedy... Hot Sauce Sells Out. Michael Showalter will there.

Thursday I am going to... you know, I don't know what I am going to. It is a mystery secret plan. I have not been told the details. I am to wear buiness casual.

Then there are meetings, gatherings, plans, and other such that who are not privy to.

But lets flash forward to Friday, Dec. 15th. You want to know where you want to be at midnight? (When I say midnight of Dec. 15th, I mean Friday, Dec. 15th, 11:59pm, just to be clear.) You will want to be at UCB again. Liquid Courage. You will want to see me perform a sketch of my writing. Me and my friend Vin performing. J Bob directing. It is some darn funny stuff. And it is free! Comedy! Drama! Violence! Me with a bad british accent!

Good good times.

And the next day is SantaCon. Wonderfully tasty SantaCon.

Monday, December 4

The not so fun side of the Wii

Over at Kotaku they have some lovely images from the Wii manual. Your standard what not to do. Like whacking your friend in the face. Or eating it. Or pouring a whole bottle of orange soda on it. Or storing it with your crack.

Sunday, December 3

Look! More stuff I want!

The cutest plush Lovecraft toys ever! Just looking at them drive me insane... with cuteness!

More Why the Wii Will Win Vids

Because this lady is just a bit crazy. But I love her for it.

And the thing I've been waiting for... Moms playing Wiis!

So I apparently look like Margaret Atwood

(via Strangely Compelling Blog)

Good B-Days, Great Practices & Secret Meetings

Last night I went to NaNWriMo friend Jeremy's birthday party. I was tired and a touch cranky when I got there but quickly started having a great time. This sounds the tiniest bit pathetic, but I am getting a lot better at meeting new people. If improv has done nothing for me, it was made me more confident chatting in bars. I think I may have even flirted! Yes! The shock of it all! (Of course, I may be wrong. I'm so out of practice that I'm not sure I recognize "flirting" anymore.)

I say Jeremy is NaNoWriMo friend but he is now an improv friend. I met him doing NaNo last year (although we only really talked at the afterparty and a post-NaNo gathering). But I re-met him while attemding a make-up improv class (for the class I missed going to Mexico). It's good too because he makes me laugh.

Last week's Sunday practice was a bit of a bummer. We were all off. Actually, I can make no claims for anyone else. I was off. (Most of the consenus was that we were all off... although I thought Larry was on.) Todays practice was better. Much better. I felt a out of my head and just had fun. I also felt like I reconnected with some ideas I had forgotten... Keep it simple. Be specific. No need to go to crazytown. All of these things I've known, but I haved been doing them. Don't try as hard. Stop focusing so hard on game. Play it real. That is the big on. Play it real.

Tonight I went to a meeting. I can't talk about it. Exciting stuff though. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. Sorry.


Peter Goldlust can sure to fun stuff with crayons!

(via Lukira)