Friday, September 26

Light and blood

If you like horror and you never saw The Mist last year, I recommend you get your hands on the black and white version that was released with the special edition DVD. Fore go the color version. Oh, it's good. In fact, it is the same film. If you are into film, watch both. But watch the black ad white version first.

I don't pretend to be a film expert (actually I do all the time), but the way light plays in this version creates a whole new experience. The whole tone changes. It becomes quieter and scarier. By looking less real, it becomes more honest. (Yes, that sounds so pretentious.)

And watch the camera work. Heck, the extras on this DVD can teach a lot about film making on the cheap(ish).

I was just watching it while cleaning my room. I need to shower and get ready for an evening of blended fruit drinks and presidential debates... which will probably get me riled up and angry drunk. And aggressive. Presidential debates make me aggressive.