Thursday, March 5

Monday, March 2


Link to new trailer.

1) Fairly badassed.  Glad we finally get to see the post=apocalyptic world that the machines spent so much time travel trying in insure they win.

2) Christian Bale's lighting looks fine.

3) Seems like the writers have been watching BSG.  I am not saying BSG is a fully original story or anything (for god sake, reading any Philip K. Dick or Asimov gets the same themes/ideas) but it is a bit striking how much the new trailer feels like it should have the Sci-Fi Channel logo in the corner.

4) I kept getting flashes of Bale's  Reign of Fire... which looked badassed in its trailers.

5) I am still hung up of the fact that the director chose the name McG (which shows some amount of poor judgement).

Monopoly the Movie

The fact that they are making this movie and that Ridley Scott is directig is nothig new.

Here's a recent quote on the project from producer/CEO of Hasbro Brian Goldner: 
“He’s [Scott] built these great big worlds of imagination... Combine that with Pamela Pettler who’s writing this great script about real people kind of playing a real-life game of ‘Monopoly,’ not the board game, although they’re icons of the game. And then you really get the idea why this story could make sense right now.”

And from Scott:
“I have to direct it... We’re in progress right now. We’re having it written. We have identified a pretty good story and it is fundamentally a movie, not a game, probably describing in a way the characters in the film, the passion of the game, and how the game came about.”

I still have no idea what this movie is about or why it is being made.

(via MTV)