Friday, September 22

Improv Level 301 - after class updates


Man, am I happy. I love the teacher. But I expected that. Everyone had praised him. But it is wonderful to listen to his notes and to watch his mind turn.

In some way more importantly, I love my classmates. I am very very happy with them. We just seemed to gel right off the bat. They all seem to "get it." I feel the desire to step up and I feel challenged and I am excited.

What is that thing called chemistry? I don't know and I don't care. I just think our class has it.


Thursday, September 21

Impov 301

So I'm starting my third level improv class in an hour.

I didn't write about the second level class because what I most wanted to talk about was how much I disliked some of the folks in the class. I really liked the teacher but I had frusteration with a lot of my fellow students. One of those deals where you are told what the excersize is and what it is about and then it seems half the class doesn't have a clue about the very basics of it. I don't mind people just being bad but I got frusterated with people just not "getting it." Which makes me sound like an ass. It all ended fine and I think I learned a lot, but I lost a lot of the 'fun.'

So this time I am going for fun. I am going to go in positive postive postitive. And I am going to try force commeraderie amongst us. Wish me luck.