Friday, September 29

A bit harder...

Well, not surprising, class was harder. Which is good. It should be challenging.

The teacher pegged me on a bad habit of mine. A bad habit I, in my subconscious, treated as a plus. I start initiations with questions. Leading questions, sure, but still questions. Somehow I though I was gifting my partner by giving them something specific to respond to. But in truth I was kind of trapping them into an answer. I was also setting myself up to the possibility of being denied or blocked. Good to learn.

I found the evocation opening to be difficult to get into the vibe of. I release it takes practice practice practice. But it is my favorite opening to watch and I have studied it when groups like Mailer Daemon do it. So in my head I was sure I would rock it. Of course I didn't on the first try. I was of course way far in my own head.

But it was good.

Thursday, September 28

301, week 2

Second class is going to start soon in an hour and a half. Goody goody.

A majority of the class went to Harold Night at UCB on Tuesday and it definitely seems like we have a groove going on. Today will be interesting since we all now have high expectations and now we get down to the brass tacks. My one goal today is to play at least one character that is not "me" but also "grounded." Eeek. That's all I got to say. Eeek.

And to got with my last post: Mr. Rogers plays Donkey Kong (via GayGamer).

(Well, he doesn't play. But we also get David Keith as the Coin Collector. Silky velvet voice.)

Wednesday, September 27

How much would you pay to PLAY a song?

(For those who don't know, Guitar Hero is a rhythm videogame that uses a special guitar controller. The game plays a song and gives you signals to when to play what. You "jam" with the game. It's like Dance Dance Revolution with a guitar. If you don't know DDR, think follow-the-leader. Or Simon. Rock and Roll Simon.)

Well, they have announced Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. They have mentioned that since Xbox has such an intergrated online element and a decent sized hard drive, that this will be perfect for "microtransaction." Hell, I suppose I have to describe those now. "Microtransactions" in the video game world are extra elements you can buy online for an already purchased game. You have a racing game with say 50 different cars you can drive. Online they might offer a new car. You buy the car for a dollar and now you can use it in a game. Simple as that. Most "microtransactions" are between $1 and $5. With Guitar Hero II, it would be the ability to purchse new songs for the game.

There has been an ongoing debate on how much to charge for these things. Some seem way over priced (like a couple of dollars for some decortative armor for a horse). Personally I think a dollar is too much to pay for a car. I mean, it might handle a bit different from other cars... but it still basically the same. I tend to think most of these things are over priced.

But songs are different for some reason. We have prety much established $1 per song via iTunes and such. Some argue it is too much, but since a CD costs $10 to $15, $1 seems fair. So would I think twice about spending $1 to be able to jam with my favorite song? Not at all.

Any thoughts?

Monday, September 25

The Terrible Red Show

Not only did this go up on Monday but it went up early early Monday.

Someone once told me when I said that I wanted to do a podcast, "No one wants to hear you." Prove them wrong.

The Terrible Red Show.

Oh and here's some cat heads on human bodies performing Hamlet.

Sunday, September 24

Post #101

I just realized that my last post was my 100th post. In honor of that I bring you how Wikipedia is helping very targeted information.

Lists of fish on stamps. (via fark)

Going On's

Just got back from doing some voice work in some sketches for a podcast. I mean, you isn't at this point?

It was fun. Apparently the episode should be up tomorrow (which is pretty quick turn around). I am guessing John Robert doesn't sleep. Sounds like it may be a regular gig. Yeah, like I need another non-paying gig. Actually, I do. Gets me out of the house. Here's the site: The Terrible Red Show. Enjoy or not. See if I care.

I'll be hitting Harold Night at UCBNY on Tuesday. I'm doing the whole night because I'm excited about seeing Sensory Depravation at 11pm. Improvs with out sight and improvs without sound. Of course not at the same time. Improvs with just the senses of smell, touch and taste would probably end up messy.