Friday, June 16

Diorama Lodge

My diorama interpetation of 666 from 6/6/06.

I talked about this a couple of weeks ago.
Diorama Lodge.
Our diorama mistress posted her pictures (they are i the private galery so you need to become her friend to see all of them.

I like mine. I think it has good composition. Not very original or good execution, but it has a certain something. I have big plans for the next one (which isn't until the first Tuesay in August). Big plans.

Birthday Party Themes

For the life of me I can't remember the themes (if there were any) to my birthday parties. There was the surprise party my parents threw for me in junior high... a surprise breakfast party at home. Thank god I didn't sleep late, because I slept in the nude at the time.

But this newstory got me thinking about it:
3 year old picks "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" theme.

Cute. Disturbing and cute.

(via Fark)

Strip Generator

I've been playing with Strip Generator a bit lately. I've had the site book markets for some time now. I love the Eastern European styling and the simplicity of it. Last night I went a bit crazy at it. None of these will make any sense to anyone besides the tiny audience they where designed for: My Halo 2 / Trolls. But I just feel like sharing anyway.
Enter the Weggie, Yes or No, In a Corner, Split, Deer Watchin', Art for the Heart, Split Again, Assault Blues, Stand in Line.

And some that were whipped up by my fellow Trolls.
Dual Mags, Get the Net, Me and My Shadow, Mothership.

Thursday, June 15

This Weekend

Things I'm doing this weekend:

FRIDAY, JUNE 16th @ 6:16pm
Astor Place
Meet at the Cube
Please bring bubble toys, bubble solution & AA Batteries

I don't know. I was invited to a bar, but it is a bunch of folks I don't know at all.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17th @ 2:00pm
23rd & 8th
Hangin' with my improv peeps to get a little loose for the next item on the menu.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17th @ 4:00pm
UCB Theater
26th & 8th
My Level One Class Graduation Performance!
Come one, come all. Just 5 bucks. I give no promises, except that I like all of my improv peeps and we are all sincere.

Don't know yet. I'm going to play it by ear.

Mellow day. House stuff.

I get to toss the ol' plastic polyhedrals again! Sweet! It's been so so long. We'll see how it goes. I hope I like the group and they like me and it will last a long time. Yes, it's a bity like a first date.

My graduation performance for my Level One Improv class.

5-year old DDR Master

Cute, cute, cute. Uber-cute. Cute cubed. I think this can make the argument that video games can have be active, engauging and physical.

(via Kotaku)

Wednesday, June 14

My poor tribute to Snakes on a Plane

Apologies to Theodor Geisel, Samuel Jackson, the makers of Soap, every poet ever, okay, apologies to everyone. My only excuse is that I spent very little time on this.

I do not like when snakes attack
I do not like them
Samual Jack(son)

I do not like them here or there
I do not like them in the air
I do not like them in a plane
I would not, could not, in the the cabin main

I will shoot them back in coach
I will shhot them when on approach
I do not like them in first class
I will shot them in their ass

I do not like them in the cockpit
I would not, could not, ever mock it
I do not like when snakes attack
I do not like them
Samual Jack(son)

Monday, June 12

Project Improviser: Ep. 1 - The Phantom SixSider

The first episode of Project Improviser is up. This will be the only episode with me and there of course is not a lot of me.

I'm in the last group. "Gay gay." (At least my scene partner (Nick) got in). I am also the one who says, "And you're the coach?"

Make sure you stay to the end to see my "bitter sweet" comments. It looks lke I am about to cry.

If you are in NYC, go to the UCB Theater Wednesday night at 11pm to see the first live performance. Come early (9:30) to Video Gaga and you can see me as an extra in a rap video... maybe.

When you come to the theater tell the man with the clipboard you are there to see "Beth." He won't ask, but tell him anyway.