Friday, March 27

Why I love my friends

An IM convo between JR and Adam.

Totally useless crush

I never get celebraty crushes.  Just too remote.
(1) I really love reality shows.
(2) I really love food.
(3) My bacon fascination is well-documented.
(4) And I obviously have a foundness for improv.

I honestly have no feelings towards Hardee's.

(via So Good)

Friends in Commercials

(Okay, I use the term "friends" somewhat losely here.  "People I know and am in similar circles with and say hi but certainly not close" would be awkward to write.)

So I bopped over the the Ad Council YouTube site to try to watch an unrelated video and the first one up was Craig Rowin as an abusive cell phone.  

It's just weird.  There was a time in my life I would mock actors in commercials.  Well not mock them, but feel patronizing sympathy.  "Wow.  I would hate to be THAT actor."  Now my response is "Hey!  I'm so glad so-and-so is working. They deserve it because they're awesome!"

Wednesday, March 25

March Meat Madness

I'm not so into sports.  Yes, the surprises no one.  If more sports involved jetpacks, I might reconsider.  And I have never been able to give a rat's ass about college sports.  I didn't even fill out a March Madness bracket this year.

I do love meat however.  SoGoodBlog feels similar and is running a meat bracket.  I am a bit late on this since it started on March 16th.  Today is the 2nd round of the Pork Region.  Prosciutto vs. Pepperoni and Sausage vs. Ribs.  Looks like Ribs might make an upset win.

Yes.  Bacon will probably win.

For Eliza for Ben

Where The Wild Things Are trailer

All I can say is "Yes."

Post 1000

Yep.  1000 posts.  Crazy, huh?

I thought about a lot things I could do here in this post.  Writings something about how much I've changed (or not) since this blog started.  Or perhaps just get very personal.  Or a best of list.  

What would have been great would be to start posting the novel I wrote back then.  I almost did.  But I am rewriting it (again).  It is in a pretty good state but I am also going through and changing some names and such.  (For example, the dating site in the book is called "" which made sense three years ago... before people twitter.)

So I decided to write something new.  Totally new.  It is an old idea of mine that loots from a bunch of other old ideas I'd had.  I have no idea where it is going to go or how often I'll managed to add chapters.  But I am going to just try to write from the gut without thinking too much about it.

And no editing... so, yes, it is going to be rough.

I hope you enjoy it.

(Note:  I also re-organized my links.  Mostly to highlight my friend's stuff more.)

Monday, March 23

For Nicole


(via So Good Blog)

Who Watches the lil' Robot?

Where the Wild Things Are

I am guessing I'll be posting about this movie a lot over the next few months.

I have always been sad that Sike Jonez never made Harold and The Purple Crayon. And have been borderline furious that WtWTA has been shelved for more than a year. I have mixed feelings about Dave Eggers but I actually think he is well-suited as a co-writer on this.

I'm still holding my breath that this won't be wantered down. The visuals are so wonderful and the rumors are that it was shelved in part for being too dark an dthat Max wasn't likable enough (which he shouldn't be).

Sunday, March 22

Dora the Explorer... of the mall!

This is the new Dora. The tween Dora.

I now picture Swiper as the creepy guy who hangs out by the Orange Julius and always has his hands in his front pockets.

A good day

I am having an awesome mellow birthday.  Better than the space station.