Saturday, March 21

George Clooney from Three Kings emailed me


Dear Friend,
I am an American soldier; I am serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq, as you know Iraq is a battle zone with a lot of insecurity of live and property.

During one of routine patrol we discovered a bunker where some money was hidden, we believe they belong to the family of Saddam Hussein or members of his baat party. The total amount is US$7.2Million dollars in cash all in 100 dollar bills.

We want to get this money out of Iraq as soon as possible that is why I am contacting you to help receive this money and keep it safe pending when I am discharged from my posting. I have spoken to a UN official who is willing to help me get the luggage out of Iraq with diplomatic cover; he does not know the content of the luggage as I told him it contains my personal effects.

If you are I willing to help me kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone for quick communication also your contact details.

The Luggage can be shipped out in 48hrs.


Capt. Royce Glover


(via Arbroath)

Tuesday, March 17


I am just watching last nights episode of House and there is a woman in the intro who looks vaguely like Tina Fey. Which made me wish for a 30 Rock/House crossover.

- Tracy comes down with a mysterious illness and Dr. House and Dr. Spaceman go head to head over treatment. (By the end of the episode Dr. Spaceman is House's new vicodin supplier.)

Which just started me on other ideas:

- Extreme Makeover: Battlestar Edition: The Galactica is falling apart. But here come Ty and his team!

- The Bachelor Dollhouse: 14 single woman, all of them are Echo.

- 24 Lost: Jack has only 24 hours to save the castways on the Island. Luckily due to jumping through time, 24 hours can last 5 seasons.

Monday, March 16

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Wow!

70's Japanese Spider-man.


I've been watching Dollhouse. (I keep wanting to type Joss Whedon's Dollshouse... because that is why I'm watching it.) It is five episodes in and I am torn.

It is either silly campy semi-exploitative fluff... or it is a long set up for something amazing.

I wonder if Whedon's love of Eliza Dushku has blnded him. Some what famously (or infamously) the concept of the show came during a four hour lunch between Dushku and Whedon. The base meaphor up for the show is so clearly how society forces women into roles (and furthur how actresses are forced into roles). It is a pretty shallow metaphor. But Whedon isn't known for having his metaphors be pretty deep. What he des well is what sci-fi/fantasy does well: metaphors writ large.

The concept of the show is so simple that there is no where for it to go. Adventure of the week with a heroine that the audience can never realy care about because she becomes someone new every episode.

But Whedon is very good at turning things upside down. And that is my hope. If the first 5 episodes of Dollhouse is just a long set up, getting the audience to believe one thing, getting them to expect one thing... and then they bring in the real meat of the show... it might end up being an amazing bit of brilliance.

Dushku has said in interviews that episode six is where it explodes. My fingers crossed.


I noticed that Hulu now has The Blue Lagoon. Back in 1980, a friend (I honestly can't remmeber who) and I spent a large portion on one day at the movie theater. We bought tickets to see The Empire Strikes Back. I believe it was my second time seeing it. Afterwards we snuck into The Blue Lagoon. We were just confused. So we snuck back into Empire.

Now I can see how BL ended.