Saturday, February 7

Christian, meet David. David, meet Christian.

I avoided posting anything on either of these because the rest of the internet pretty much had it covered. But...

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" features the original text of Jane Austen's beloved novel with all-new scenes of bone crunching zombie action.

Saturday morning is the time for a good chicken act

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No worries.

(This was the post I wanted to make the other day.)

I've been using the phrase "No worries" a lot lately.  I'm not sure if a lot of people are apologizing tome or if they are bailing on plans or what.  I certainly haven't felt slighted lately (if anything, the reverse) but a quarter of my out going texts on my cel are "No worries."

I started to use the phrase back in the mid-90's when I was a shift supervisor (or leader or whatever we called ourselves) at a coffeehouse.  One of the employees was a young Australian man whose name now escapes me.  He said "No worries" all the time.  And some how it lodged into my brain and resurfaces every couple of years.

It's a great phrase which captures my feelings a lot of the times.  "There is no reason to stress out about this small thing.  In the scheme of things it is nothing" or "Hey, what happened happen.  We can handle it" or "I have your back" or a nice way to say "Chill the fuck out."  It's all about keeping things in perspective.

I loved working with the Australian because he rarely let the trivialities of slinging coffee get him down.  It was a low paying job of little grand significance.  He instantly shook of annoying or angry customers.  When things went wrong they didn't phase him.  And his attitude as infectious.

Don't get me wrong.  He was a horrible employee.  Maybe not horrible, but not very good.  The flip side of "no worries" is "I don't care enough to put in anything but the bare minimum of effort."  And I am pretty sure he was stoned at work more than a few times. 

But still, he was a joy to work with.

Friday, February 6

Why I like Facebook - poetry

Yes.  It can be annoying.  But (like tweets but less incessant) I enjoy get tiny chewable slices of current friends and old friend.  (Especially old friend who I assumed I would never have contact again because, well, I can be an ass.)

Case in point: The haikus of one Mary Valle.

Midlife Spoils
Dead brother's car
Cancer, and
Imaginary friends

Cat Fight

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Thursday, February 5

New and Improved Twang of the Void

No, I'm not leaving this site.  But if you want your TotV with a bit extra this is the place to go.

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Damn it.

I had a great post to make.  I open up this window and then got distracted by (1) a bunch of IMs, (2) making a Facebook invite for Coraline tomorrow, (3) a child who wasn't so much "cute" as "painfully loud," and (4) watch Robocop on Hulu.

Now I can't remember what my witty and insightful observation on the human condition was.

Update:  I remember now!  It was about the phrase "No worries."  I'll get to it tomorrow.

But what if gramma is paper thin?

I just bought tickets to see Coraline tomorrow.  I opted for the 3D versions, which may be a mistake but I keep earing how 3D Digital is actually very good so I decided to give it a try.  When order tickets on Fandango they give you the option of "Adult," "Senior" or "Child."  Except inthis case is was "Adult, "3D Senior" or "3D Child."  

Which brings up lots of questions.

Why do humans do this stuff?

Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves

Hate/Love people on cel phones.

I am surrounded by people on cel phones right now.  (I, even in this weather, go outside to talk.)  It is annoying because it is distracting.

However I do enjoy listening in.

(To my left (let's call this west) is a young woman working on a paper, who has made four phone calls about the same topic) "I can't do this paper!  I don't want to do this paper!  I don't have any time.  I don't want to be a writer any more.  I don't understand anything!"

(Woman to the northwest on bluetooth phone) "No.  It was good.  He was sweet.  I think he might be the one.  No, he left in the morning.  I know!  I should do my taxes."

(Man to the north who has been on hold for and hours with occasional spurts of talking.)  "Well, it's important in this work climate to network and get recommendations from anyone you know.  Yeah.  No.  No.  No, I'm asking you for one."
Update: The woman to the northeast (right next to this man) has take to just staring at him, glaring.

(Woman to the east.)  "I'm not going to go home until 3pm.  By then my daughter should be asleep."

Her Morning Elegance

Isn' that, well, lovely?

(I am it a particularly bright and chipper mood this morning. I am also loving that the woman next to me at the coffeeshop told someone on the phone that she needed to get back to work and then proceed to write her "25 Random Things" Facebook post.)

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Good Morning. Here's a baby dancing to the banjo.

This is pretty much how I picture my perfect family.  (Yes, I still have a thing for women who play string instruments).

Oh hell. For those you don't like babies or the banjo... hungry kittens.

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Wednesday, February 4

MegaMan 2 with Lyrics

Yeah, I am slow on this one.

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For MamaSix


SpaceSick (bump)

Evil Grimace

I was just lamenting the lack of finding anything really cool on the internets today.  But the previous post led me to SpaceSick's flickr photostream.  I picked this image almost at random out of the plethora of awesomeness.  (Also Grimace as a dripping penis which makes me giggle because I am 7.)  Go check it out.

Also SpaceSick agrees that 1985 was one of the best movie years ever.

Movies as Retro Books

Just two of many movies done as book covers.  All of them are awesome (especially which movies SpaceSick chose to do.

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Welcome to 50% of my youth

TRON + Depeche Mode

Robots! Robots! Robots! (and Ray Guns!)

I think it is fair to say a like robots.  Really, who doesn't like robots?  Okay, Sarah Connor.  And the bartender in Star Wars: A New Hope.  And anyone who has lost their job to a robot.  And the people hunting down Johhny 5.  But everyone else loves robots.

Drak Roasted Blend has a great collection of robot sculpture and the like.  (And click here for an early DRB collection with a lot a 'bots.) The above are by Mike Rivamonte.

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Tuesday, February 3

Minimalist LEGO New York

From Chris Niemann's Abstract City blog (NYTimes).  Click for many more.

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So who is supposed to eat it?

I just saw a man carrying a Wysong Pet Food box. Their slogan was writ large across it.
I just not sure what the hell that means.

Idea I had that had the potential of being brilliant except that it wasn't

Lime and Tobasco Coke.
Seriously, this might have been amazing.  A whole new concept in soda.  You never know until you try, right?

Consider it tried.

Monday, February 2

Dr. Manhattan and the Watchbabies

I pulled this on some site somewhere but now I forget where.  Might have been  Right this second I am too lazy to look it up so that I can credit the artist or the referring site.  Bad blogger.  But wicked art.  Update: It was from io9.  Artist: Alex Pardee.

Starship Troopers takes on child abuse

In no way am I making fun of child abuse here.  However I have no idea who thought this was a good idea.

UPDATE: Here's another.

(via Topless Robot... which is quickly becoming my favorite nerd-blog)

"Mr. Preseident, are you ready for your unicorn massage?"

Dan Lacey, of Painter of Pancakes fame (no, I hadn't heard of it until just now either), is selling this wonderful painting on Ebay.

A very straight forward description: "An oil painting of Barack Obama and his unicorn Penelope relaxing at Camp Lei."

Current bid is $44 dollars which is a steal!

I am your father, you cute little baby

From CakeWrecks:

"...and, boy, are all my friends dead."

Sayid from Lost does stand-up.

Space Skulls!

Best Lego set name ever: Space Skulls!

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Save the Words

PapaSix popped this to me.

While I know this is in part an ad for the Oxford Dictionary (and it saddens my the OED might needs to advertise) and is a way to sell t-shirts, it is also a cause I feel strongly about.

Go and read the f.a.q. and adopted a word.

My little sweetie is "frutescent."  
adj. Relating to, resembling, or assuming the form of a shrub; shrubby.

Against All Odds

A month ago or so, I finally managed to put together a two person team.  (It was in part an excuse to lock the phenomenal Nicole Drespel onto a team.)  And so Against All Odds: An Improvised Breakup.  (Note to hosts: You can just call it Against All Odds.) 

The concept is pretty simple – a breakup.  I like it for a bunch of reasons.  While it is restrictive and sets our relationship before the set even starts, there is a wealth of material in that setup.  Their are  infinite types of couples and infniite types of breakups.  Two people allows people to focus on character and relationship (especially in this case) and to takle things slow.  And it is a bit of an excuse to go emotional, which I sometimes avoid because I worry it will take over a scene.  In this case, that IS much of the scene.

I could go on and on, but I am trying to not deconstruct the whole thing too much. 

We've only performed twice and both times felt very good.  Effortless and honest.  Not forced.  I couldn't be happier about it.

Against All Odds is available for bookings.  Our next show is on Feb. 13th (just before the dreaded Valentine's Day) at 10pm at The Creek.

Sunday, February 1

To settle an argument

Bacon Cheese roll is NOT Bacon Explosion.  They do both share the "matted-bacon technique," but sausage and cheese are not equal.  Also BBQ sauce.  But I can see how they could be confused.

Scary things

• Having you subway operator RUN from their booth-thing, dash down the train to the map, scan it, in a panic as if lost and then dashing back before you get to the next stop.

• The MASSIVE baby stroller that just engorged a secret container from underneath that held a hidden baby.

Volcanoes.  Scary and awesome.

12 Perfect Fingers, 12 Perfect Toes

"All I care about is that my baby has 10 fingers and ten toes..."
"Well... he does... and..."
(Actually it was the father who noticed first, which is interesting in that sometimes it is so easy to miss the obvious.)

Adorable baby with adorable extra digits.

Also, the best mutton chops on a doctor since 1907.
Edit: From shortmikeshort - " looks like they caught [him] on his way out to a civil war reenactment."

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So I've been growing my hair out for awhile now. I've actually been pretty happy with it has my hair has mellowed since last time I grew it out (1989-90). It's hard to admit, but I like it when people comment on it, especially since it sort of does whatever it wants.

Waking up and looking in the mirror is always an adventure.  Since this is a side of me no one gets to see these days, I've been documenting it this week.  Here are a few of my morning, right after waking up.

Least attractive photo set ever.