Saturday, April 1

Attractin' the ladies

Well, as April arrives many tech-esque oriented websites have decided to try to move beyond men. Many have redesigned their sites.

It appears to have started with Slashdot.
But then it extanded.

Planet Half-Life
Firebal 20XL

Thursday, March 30

A bit of clue in the tube

This come up all the time: "Male contraceptives."

Besides spreading the responsibility, it would be nice for men to have an option. I realize there are issues. Condoms of course have major benefit (disease and so forth), and what woman wants to put their reproductive roulette in the hand of a man (although the reverse can be true too).

So, news of a study going ahead in India, um, excites me. Ten to fifteen minute procedure, last up to ten years and reversible. Injects a gel into the ol' sperm tube. When you want it reversed, inject something else that dissolves the gel.

Sound great!

In 2002, when enrollment in the Indian study was halted, more than 140 men were already using RISUG. Concern about side effects and insufficiency of safety data caused a temporary suspension of the project. However, expert panels subsequently concluded that the major side effect -- several weeks of non-painful scrotal swelling in about a third of the subjects --was not enough to stop the study.

33% chance of scrotal swelling. Mmmmm.

The power of the customer

Chevy (in some sort of tie in to The Apprentice) has a neat little "edit your own ad" contest over on their website. I suppose you could take it seriously, especially if you actually wanted to win.

But I went my own way. I call it "The Tahoe: Size matters."

Here's one from someone else: "Can't Get Out."

I don't think this is what Chevy was thinking.

Monday, March 27

Ah, Disney

Yes, this is my second Disney related post but this may be their best short film ever.

Attack Plan!