Wednesday, September 24

Likes/Dislikes that others Dislike/Like

I watched The Good Shepard the other night. My cup of tea. Yeah, it's slow and they don't really age Matt Damon through the 25 some years the movie takes place over. It's less of a spy thrilled than a story of how secrets destroy... especially the secrets we keep from ourselves.

I like Matt Damon. I also like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and George Clooney. And Nicole Kidman.

Jolly Ranchers, however, leave me cold.

I like the movie The Game. A lot. Huge plot holes/believability issues aside. I like most David Fincher's films. I will defend Aliens3, even though it suffers from having a director and lead actress trying to do something that fought against what the producers wanted.

Beyond The Stand, Stephen King leaves me cold. So do most Will Ferrell films.

I thought the opening of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday was brilliant. I like a lot of horror films. I will actually go see any horror film if asked. Yes, ANY.

I think the musical Spring Awakenings is the most overrated musical in recent memory.

I also think the the food at Tom's Restaurant in Brooklyn is over rated. I still go there often because they are fast and friendly. Most breakfast food in New York is only okay. It makes sense the Minnesota does breakfast better, but why does Los Angeles? That makes no sense at all.

I enjoy riding the subway but I also rarely do it during rush hour.