Tuesday, September 23


I haven't been blogging with my usual vigor. Part of that is due to the fact that I've been busy like a bee in a poppy field, but also because the internet has not been feeding me with wondrous things to re-blog. I think I need to expand the sites I go to.

I do enjoy playing with SpeechWars.

It might be that this country is in the midst of a hard election fight AND trying to recreate its entire banking system. It makes blogging about robots or giant tacos difficult. Every time I try to write something about the elections, I end up with a mindless rant about how deception is so easily believed and so hard to refute. Okay, it's easy to refute. It's just that people tend not to listen. On The Media had an interesting piece about just that this weekend. The fact is that often refuting a distortion or straight out lie makes people believe the distortion or lie even more.

It is making me very frustrated. I am such a believer in the role of the press. I have been heartened by the general feeling in the press that they straight up dropped the ball in the lead up to the war in Iraq and I feel like they are actually doing a really good job in this election... on both sides. But I fear that they are being lost in cries of "The press is evil!" Just yesterday (I believe) someone asked McCain at a town hall type thing, "Why does the press keep picking on Palin and bringing up Bristol." Really? I have not seen a single article about it since shortly after the convention. But if you keep saying that is what the press is doing then folks believe it.

I was going to write about how I don't like do meander and how I don't like talking on the phone. That was why I titled this "Slow." But I ended up ranting.

I'm going to look for something about robots.