Wednesday, February 1

Cringe Lit

Heading off to Freddy's (485 Dean Street Brooklyn (Dean & 6th Ave)) tonight to hear some Cringe Lit. Folks reading from their junior high and high school diaries and poetry. Should be painful, hilarious, touching, sweet, sad, etc.

Ah, the cringe moment! Those bits and pieces of our pasts where that we look back at and can't help but feel our stomaches knot up. I searched for my old diary for high school, but was unsuccessful. Perhaps I have thrown it away, perhaps it is just hiding, waiting for that special momemnt to pop back up and haunt me.

Monday, January 30

Idiotarod and Team C.O.B.R.A!

Oh, the glorious Idiotarod!
Shopping Cart Race Extreme.
Team C.O.B.R.A. won Best In Show and caused mass chaos with our fake checkpoint and other devious plans. The organizers also expressed the desire to pass the torch into our hands next year. Not sure how I feel about that. Coinsidering we couln't even getto the starting line in time (and still had a cart come in 8th), us running the whole show might be problematic. But a fine honor.