Tuesday, July 29

And we'll fill it with crocodiles

I have been semi-actively trying to shift my sleep schedule for the last few days. This is in prep for the Del Close Marathon. Mock me if you will, but since I (for the most part) set my own schedule, I see no reason why I shouldn't train myself to fall asleep at 10am and wake up at 4pm.

My plan was to do this slowly over... just keep staying up a little later each night and sleeping a little longer. Seemed like a great plan.

The rest of my block didn't get the memo.

The building to the south of me is apparently driving metal spikes into our shared wall. This s something that must start at 7am and continue until 9am. I read somewhere that those are the magic hours for sledgehammering metal into brick. Actually, I don't know what they are doing but it is impressive the noise they can create.

At 9:15am, ConEd continues with building a moat down my street. It seems they are building it just for me and a few neighbors. Very generous of them. It is very difficult to cut a foot wide trench in asphalt. At first I assumed they were getting access to pipes or cable or some such, but every time I walk by and look into the trench, all I see is dirt. Moat is the only thing that made sense.

I am a bit more confused today. They dug a bit more on the moat in the early hours but by 10am they were filling it up with hot tar and asphalt. Which make a poor moat unless you can keep the hot tar molted. That may be what they have done because I am still feeling high from the fumes wafting into my window.

So Operation: Shift Sleep has been a failure but I am just that much closer to my dream of living in a Medieval Times.