Thursday, November 9

Where do they come from

More writing. Suffer suffer suffer. Joseph is doing a bit better, but only because I have to build him up a bit. He's got a part time job at the telemarketing company from Four Borders (no Dave doesn't work there anymore). But that job is going to lead to something more political, His girlfriend has also arrived from MA, so he's happy about that. I promise not to kill her... but not much else.

It was Wednesday so it was sketch class. I had written a bunch of sketches, tossed a bunch out. Settled on one idea, took a stab at it on Tuesday but t just wasn't happening. Then I put it off until 3 hours before class. I tried it again, did some quick edits to get it under 2 pages. Seem to go over well. Armando literally had no notes to give me. None. Said that there was probably reworking that would be done once it was being performed, but not much top do just on the page. Felt good... just not all that helpful.

And again, my ego is usually fine and needs no fluffing, thank you very much.

Anywhozits, I like to see what sites people come from to me lil' ol' blog. Many of these are from random Blogger blogs due do the random "Next Blog" button on the navbar. So let me honor a few of those here before I crash for the night.

I'm A Little Teapot from Debbie in Oklahoma. She likes, well, teapots!

Sai Shyam Page
from Sai Shyam in Banglore, Karnataka, India. They actually linked to this site in their first post, but I think it was a test as that page has been deleted.

Donde Quedan Las Palabras
from Diego Antonio Vivas Jiménez in Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. I think that translates to "Where did they leave the words?" I don't know.

The Incurable Allure of Carrots by Mr. Tangerine in Chicago, Illinois. Some very entertaining poems and stories and pictures.

The Phoenix Hearse
is by an aeronautics engineer who loves her cars. She has a special feature once a week called Bitchy Monday. Guess what day it is on.