Wednesday, November 8

Let's gloat a little

It's the day after. And while we yet again are left in limbo about who will control the Senate with Virginia and Montana surely going to recount, the Democrats did handily retake the House. And I certainly could be saddened by the amount of bans on gay marriage that passed across the country, but thank god South Dakota rejected their almost-total ban on abortions. So, all in all, it's pretty sweet.

But I certainly remember how I felt after 2004 (and also similarly in 1994). That total shock to realize that I was so not in sync with so many of the countries voters. And may friends all felt the same. There was rumblings of "I'm moving to Canada" and "The terrorists have created a nation of fear mongers" and "This will destroy working families" and "It seems like the country just believes everything that FOX News says."

So it is with empathy (yet joy) that I followed the Wonkette's link to the Free Republic's conservative message boards to check out how they are reacting.

-"This is a truly disgusting night. Outside of 9-11, I cannot think of a worse day.
I really want to hurt somebody."

-"This is going to hurt senoirs, more taxes on s.s. and higher costs for medicare. This is going to hurt all young families with kids, taking away the kids exemption on the income tax, plus tax increases & all the money to pay for s.s. & health care & college for the illegals.
I bet half the people who voted Dem have no idea, they believe what they read in the paper & see in the MSM. Wait til they find out!!

Those DUmmies who want us out of Iraq, will find out Bush was right. The terrorists will come here to kill us. They are in Iraq cause we are, once we're gone, they will be here, all they want is all of us DEAD!"

-"The Jihadi's have won. They have proven they have a stronger will than America. They are now emboldened."

-"They can go to Canada...the only place we have left would be Australia! I love Australia as much as the next guy, but I'm an American, dammit! lol :)"

-"Hard to make a silver lining when I don't see the MSM changing. The people in this country are believing every word they say. It will be the same in 2008!"
Now, I will point out that there were plenty of well though out and balanced posts over there. Just as there are liberals who realize that the Democrats won by default and are still lacking a cohesive agenda and plan. But it is nice to see that, deep inside, we aren't all the different.

So *hugs* to all the sad conservative fellow Americans out there. I know what you are going through. It sucks and it hurts. I feel for you. I really do. Now excuse me while I got drink another glass of champagne and do another dance of jubilation.