Monday, November 13

The Performance

I'm not going to recount the performance, but I thought it was great. Not perfect, but it demonstrated to us, as a team, that we can can be consistent. I know that sounds like weak praise but it isn't. It means that we have a very very solid base to work with. We showed that we fully understand the Herald and can only keep getting better at it. We had so great moves and great energy and little fear. I am insanely proud of ourselves.

I have to say that I am uber-happy with how my scenes went. At risk of sounding like an ass, I thought I rocked. In no small part due to John Roberts setting me up so magnificently. He gifted me with so much and so unselfishly... he basically wrote himself out of the scene by making me the most interesting thing. I'm just happy I didn't drop the ball. (For the curious, I played a young man is disgusted by old people who has just got job at a S&M club/retirement center. The bennies were just too good to pass up.)

PappaSix came out which was great. Sadly he had to return the 3 Rivers... so he missed another interesting night at the Garden. Highlights (in no order): Listing to the dichotomy of Casey's and Abra's music choices; Summer Lovin'; Larry and I running away from weird Marine/Washington Heights bar owner, leaving Casey alone with him... and then get Abra to go save her; Ginger-Balls; The Simpsons Movie trailer; and Vin's amazing interpretive dances.

All in all a great night.

(Oh, one final shout out to Chris Gethard. Great great teacher. Thank you for an amazing eight weeks.)