Monday, November 13

At the Daily Show

I just got back from watching The Daily Show with Jon Steward being taped (thanks, Uday!). Very fun. He is a actually very funny and a very relaxed performer. There is a great bit tonight by Rob Riggle that is reminiscent of my Survivor application video.

Tina Fey was the guest and, now that I have seen her in person, she is still on my "list." Glasses. Why to I have a think for smart girls in glasses?

Anyway, you will see her tonight mention that while she was at Second City in Chicago, Stephan Colbert and Steve Carell were both main players there. She then went on to say that one of them was a "notorious ladies man," but she refused to say which. While Steward was talking to Colbert (not on tape... just before they did their end show capper), Steward asked him about it. With a mischievous childlike grin, Colbert burst out with...

"Carell would fuck anything that moved."

Sadly, you will not see that tonight.

Oh, and I forget to tell the Valet last night: I passed right by Joel Grey in the street yesterday afternoon. Does that count as "meeting"?