Thursday, August 7

Weird things

• Trying to interpret the actions of others.
• Receiving birth announcements with a baby breast feeding on breasts you once dated.
• The difference between drink one and drink two once you have tipped large.
• My hair.
• 2:30 am sandwich cravings.
• How accurate the rains/pours saying is.
• Every single one of my friends.
• My inability to have normal interactions.
• How I still don't know how to really dance.
• Blogging late at night while drunk.
• Karaoke.
• Going from a Gethard workshop straight into a Walsh workshop... and enjoying each for completely different reasons.
• The desire to do improvised Shakespeare.
• The desire to lay one's self bare.
• Corn empanadas late at night.
• Waiting for you.
• Knowing I will probably delete this post when I wake up but posting it anyway.