Friday, August 8

DCM Body Count. Day 4.

Scheer/McBrayer - body count: 1
Crazy scheming friend accidentally pushed out window (actual death O.S. and assumed) - 1
Improvised Shakespeare Company - body count: 8
Thieves run through with swords by new hotshot deputy constable - 2
Thieves run through by constables during raid on under the bridge - 2
Constable, just two hours shy of retirement, committed suicide to avoid killing princess - 1
New hotshot deputy constable, also suicide (I think... deaths were coming fast and furious) - 1
Queen strangled by daughter with handcuffs (also assisted by king with dagger and bleeding out thief with butter knife) - 1
King committed suicide for previous crime of raping the queen - 1
Shitstorm (I Got Next) - body count: 2
By own cannonball after it had been swallowed and shat back at him - 1
Neck snap - 1

Total for Thursday, Aug 7th: 11
DCM Total to Date: 33