Wednesday, August 6

DCM Body Count. Day 2.

Improvised Shakespeare Company - body count: 2
Daughter stabbed suitor - 1
King kills the soldier he had sent to kill his banished son - 1
Baby Wants Candy - body count: 3
13 year old girl raped to death by a group of aliens during The $2000 Showgirl Review - 1
Lieutenant killed by alien death mind powers - 1
Lieutenant raped to death by aliens - 1
Jammin' with Ralph - body count: 4
Father shoots, execution-style, son and hitchhiker on road trip: 2
Suicide by gun for counting at wrong time: 1
Ghost killed person he was just supposed to scare: 1
(Again, I feel like I missed some.)

I wasn't at Harold night but fellow body counters said that there were no actual deaths on stage. Bodies, yes. And Zach Woods was shot but the outcome was left in doubt.

Total for Monday, Aug 5th: 9
DCM Total to Date: 18

I have workshops all night tonight so won't see any shows. Hopefully others will keep an eye out.