Friday, February 16

Little Bits of Nerves

I slept badly. Not horribly. Just badly.

The reason why is obvious. Thank You, Robot's first show is tonight. This is the first time I have performed in a non-class show of any sort since something like 1994. And certainly my first non-class improv show.

It isn't a big deal. Really. I mean, it is a tiny space. We will only be on stage for 15 to 18 minutes and I am sharing that time with 7 other people, all of whom are talented and funny. It's improv and audiences that come to see improv are (usually) very very generous. They want you do be funny and know that you are making it up as you go along and are ready to appreciate anything you throw at them. It will be over in a flash.

But class shows have that extra level of excuse that it is just a class show. Tonight is something we chose. We chose each other and have the vanity to think that we are funny enough to go on stage and ask for money. In a class show, you can still say, "Well, I took the class and the show is part of it... but it isn't about the show." Here is is. We no longer saying, "Come look at my hobby." We are saying, "Come. We will make you laugh."

But we are funny. We can be insanely funny. We can also have bad shows in practice... but we also all bring it when we have an audience. It really does change everything. Man, I hope people show up.

So, yet again... Under St. Marks. 10:30pm. Thank You, Robot, Tantrum & fwäwnd.