Tuesday, February 13

This is not the blog you are looking for

Here is some more of the fantastic keyword searches that brought people to Twang in the last 24 hours:
  • abducted by the daleks youtube (from Google France none the less)
  • photo gallery nakedness and finnish sauna teen love style (wow, that is specific)
  • money laundering made simple
  • japan idiotarod (oh, please tell me they are doing one in Tokyo)
  • mr tangerine and chicago
  • jolie 1 blogspot insane supergoddess (this is going to make someone very happy or very scared)
  • samantha desperate (this is either a band I don't know or I feel bad for Sam)
  • lesbian buffy / horror movies and t.v fanfic (I really can't believe I popped up early on this list)
  • backwards record whirlpool
  • kill valntine's day (funny thing is that they folowed that spelling three times)
  • valentine jokes electrian (again, very specific)