Sunday, February 11

Life In Mean Season

Last night I finally got Rench's album Life In Mean Season. I'm listening to it now.

I am not done. Only five tracks in. But it is a haunting beautiful thing. This is that ground where country hits sorrow and regret and pain and memory. It is also joyous in its way. It is very much America, complex and unique.

I'm doing it no justic. Heck, go read what Rench was trying to do with this album. I think he succeeds greatly.

I will write more when I have had some time to process it, but go take a listen. And go buy a copy. And grab yourself a beer, go sit on the pack porch at sunset, and thing about those yesterdays that are gone forever.

(Yes, there is a Helen Keller tag on this. There is a long quote from her in the liner notes.)