Sunday, February 11

I *heart* COBRA

Really that is all I have to say.

COBRA is really pretty amazing. For example, last night I sat on the floor of a basement being interviewed for French television (by a woman named, curiously, France). Their were four of us being interviewed at once. Very few questions were asked. We just talked and talked. Man, do we like to hear ourselves talk!

Later, more of us talked about the Idiotarod, the police, Bulahla, and god knows what else.

I want to write more but I must rush off to Thank You, Robot practice. But I will just leave you with this one thought, specifically for those out there who feel that they don't have anything to belong to:

No matter how weird you think you are, there are like minded weird folks out there. You just need to open the door and seek them out. And a willingness to look a little stupid helps.