Tuesday, November 28

What I want

  • To improve in my improv skillz
  • To gather good people around me
  • A new camera
  • More art in my life and home
  • More clothes since I can't shop for myself
  • The Democrats not to drop the ball
  • Every boardgame ever. I'll settle for rounding out the standards. I still don't have Clue or Stratego. But I'd love rare, weird ones to. And old vintage one.
  • DVDs of not my favorite movies but of my friends favorite movies
  • A Lego electric train set
  • A literary agent
  • A robot monkey butler
Colbert just use the Wii to make Mii's of himself and Nancy Palosi. Then he had them box. Yet another reason the Wii will win.
  • A Wii