Wednesday, November 29

Movies movies movies

Man, I've been just horrible about seeing movies this year. So so many slipped by me. I'm trying to not let that happen this holiday season.

In the last few days I've seen Borat and Casino Royale. Borat was good. A lot of hard laugh out loud moments, but not a lot of depth. I am of course very very curious about what was 'real' and what was 'staged.' I imagine that will never be revealed.

One nice thing I learned is that BAM now lists the time the movie starts, not when the trailers start. Thank you, BAM!

Casino Royale was excellent, especially for what it was. It walked a nice line of absolutey being a James Bond film and totally revamping the series. I love revisionist stuff and this did it just right. Daniel Craig is definitely in the Sean Connery realm (and my very well pass him). And while it does drag near the end (and in doing so telegraphs its final "twist"), it is certainly the best action movie I've seen in a long time.

But there are a lot of movies out there or opening soon I still want to see: Babel, The Last King of Scotland, The Fountain, For Your Consideration, Tideland, The Good German, The Good Shepard, Happy Feet, Apocolypto (yes, yes, Mel is an anti-semetic freak... I still want to see the movie), Arthur and The Invisibles, Dreamgirls, Curse of the Golden Flower, Children of Men. No way I am going to see them all. Sigh.