Wednesday, November 29

Spray on Condom

(I really need to get back to the novel but...)

A German company is testing a spray on condom. Spray it on your unit, a few seconds later it solidifies into latex shell. The site is in German, so I have to rely on Google's translation:
"The advantages of the spray condom are obvious: it is easily and fast applicable, adapts to each Penisgrösse and form individually and offers apart from stretcher comfort, optimal protection with the sexual intercourse. Damage by transport or sun exposure belongs then exactly the same to the past like the question of the disposal: The natural rubber product decomposes and becomes humus."
Penisgrösse? Humus?

Apparently they are looking for volunteers for the testing phase right now. So if you live in Germany and you don't mind testing something on your willy, give them a call. Be sure to report back here (NDA be damned).

(via Gizmodo)