Monday, November 27

U.S. Embassy in Argentina to Barbara and Jenna: "Get the hell out!"

I really don't feel that politicians' children are fair game. I mean, it wasn't their choice to be in the spot light. But when you are the daughters to the President of the United States of America, I kind of think that you should be discrete.

That's why I love talking about Barb & Jen Bush. Those rapscallions!

Now a lot of the stories my just be wild Argentine tabloid lies. I don't know if they really are running down the halls of their hotel naked. And maybe there is a reason the Secret Service seems to just not care about them any more. (An ABC producer was able to walk up to Barbara and talk to her while she was checking her email in the hotel lobby.)

Either way, it does appear the U.S. Embassy is sick and tired of the new stories. And it's good to know that they aren't there scouting for housing for their dad for when they war crimes start.

(via Wonkette)