Wednesday, November 29

NaNoWriMo - the hard slog, great rewards

Well, I crossed the big 100,000 word line early this morning.

crazy Man, it has been hard. Not hard as in hard to get out the words. I've had little problem actually writing this time. But it wasn't the same magical joy as last year. Maybe I am already a bit jaded. But I think it is actually that the structure was so less set this time... and became a muddled mess. My transitions are all over the place. At times I do crazy event slipping into event. At times I do huge time jumps. I'll have 5,000 words covering 5 minutes of scene, followed by 500 words in which the main character has three jobs, dates and breaks up with a woman and witness a murder.

It is going to be an editing nightmare. It will probably end up being an entire rewrite. That is a bit disheartening. But there is a lot of good stuff scattered through out all of the pages. And I have finally put all of the disparate files together.

I now have 36 or so hours to wrap it up. I am very close... and not. This book needs a long ass prologue. It wouldn't if it were better written. Ah, well. No work today, so it is all writing and then a movie.