Tuesday, November 21

Video Games vs. Poloitics vs. Improv vs. The Novel

I realize that this last week has been all about video games. And the week before was all politics. And improv, for the most part, as as been getting a short shift. And the novel has been hardly mentioned at all. But it all makes sense.

Last week was perhaps the biggest week in video games ever. Do next-gen consoles were launched... two consoles with totally different takes on what folks want. And the launches went so differently (PS3 - riots, shootings, muggings, massive reselling on eBay, story after story of people getting ripped off on eBay; Wii - hugs and love and people dressing up as Link and Mario and Wiimote). I've been checking the up on the Next-Gen Console Wars 3 times a day. And I never even posted about the Halo 3 news.

Before that was of course a pivotal election. With much wackiness but a lot less contested than I expected. It was a lot more Wii than PS3.

And then improv has been over for a week. Well, class is. My lovely lovely group is still practicing on Sunday afternoons. And I have signed up for my Level 401 with Michael Delaney. I am excited and a bit scared... everyone seems to love him as a teacher but many have made comments about how it took them a whole other class to get them out of their heads afterwards.

And the novel... I am still plowing through it. I am really trying to get to some sort of end. It is still in a few files right now, so I am unclear on how many words I actually have. I've been focusing on getting a daily word count, but haven't been focusing on my total word count. We'll see what I end up with.

But the other reason I haven't been writing about writing is that this story is both less personal and more personal. Less personal because I am not writing about a character based so much on me and events that so closely mirror my life. But more personal because it comes most closely to my views on religion, God, suffering, morals. But it is harder to right about because it is less about story, less about discovering "joy," which was what last years novel was about. This is more about discovering... "the soul"? Not sure.

So it is still going, and going strong, so no worries.