Tuesday, November 21

"Jersey... Where are you?"

All day was spent with the family. Tom's Diner (Brooklyn). Subways. B&H. More subways. Central Park. Metropolitan Museum of Art. More subways. Rest at Starbucks and strange tasting pretzels. Empire State Building. Subways back to Brooklyn. Pasta for the kids, Indian food for the adults. It was great and fantastic and fun and exhausting. But walking the streets of NYC and riding the subway with them is just mentally draining. The older two are pretty easy to handle, listen pretty well, but I still became very aware of all of the dangers EVERYWHERE.

And then we got the two and a half year old. He's a bolter. Most of the time he was in is stroller, but as soon as you cut him loose, he is off! Just gone. I watched him run in large circles for half an hour straight. I adore him so much but he is a massive showboat and a bit crazy.

My conversation with him up top of the Empire State Building.

Me: "And over there is New Jersey."
Him: "Where?"
Me: "Right over the river."
Him: "I want to swim in the river and swim with the boats."
Me: "No, you really don't want to swim in that water. Besides, it would be so cold."
Him: "I'd wear a jacket!"
Me: "In the water?"
Him: (laughs... and then sing-songs to himself) "Jersey... where are you? Jersey... where are you? Jersey Jersey Jersey. I want to swim to Jersey. Jersey.... where are you?"

Love him 'till I burst.