Wednesday, November 22

Mythbusters Slash

For those who don't know, slash is a special type of fan fiction that puts fictional or real people is homoerotic situations. (Maybe it is broader than that. I don't know.) As far as I know it originated, or was at least hit its sweet spot) with Kirk/Spock tales. I don't quite see the appeal but then again I don't quite get furries or plushies or squishies (are there squishies?) or whatever. Whatever floats your boat that doesn't hurt someone (unless that is what they want).

Anywhozits, there is a LiveJournal community dedicated to Mythbusters Slash. Yes, Mythbusters. Those guys on the Discovery Channel who put urban legends and such to the test. Now, I understand that there is a bit, um, gay about the show (I don't mean that in a bad way at all). I just never thought that there would be a community built around sexy stories about Adam and Jamie and their team.

From Kazohuhouou's tale "Role Play"
Jamie got into a batter’s stance, ready to swing for all his worth.
Adam gasps, his eyes flashing open as he wakes-realizing that it had all only been a fantasy after all…
The paddle drops.
“OH COME ON!” Jamie exclaimed, having lost his chance to spank Adam to kingdom come.
Um, enjoy?

(If anyone finds any Deadliest Catch Slash, please tell me.)

(via Table of Contents, Wired)