Thursday, June 1

Project Improviser Update - Humph.

Well, this is just great. I now feel like a total ass... and a little duped. I just have to learn to keep my frackin' mouth shut.

Turns out I was not selected as one of 8 people. I was selected as one of who knows how many people who get to audition on Sunday. From THAT they will select 8 people who will go onto the rest of the contest.

Doh! Now it makes a lot more sense why I was picked with such little experienece... what the hell to they care? They can cut me on Sunday! So my minor cool news has become just a whatever news that might turn into minor cool news after Sunday.

Not a big deal EXCEPT that I told a bunch of folks so that they could plan ahead and show up next Wednesday. Including my entire improv class. I told them today and won't see them until next Thursday. So some of them may very well show up on Wednesday and go "Where the hell is he? What a liar!"

I must just keep my mouth shut.

So now the deal is: I may or may not be in Project Improvisor of Wednesday.