Saturday, June 3


I am not a fan of FanFiction. I do enjoy mocking it. But on a dare, I wrote a short piece based on LOST. It is called "Love Song."

"Hey! Hey! I'm here! Here I am!"

He called out into the jungle, again and again. But yet again there was no response. He was truly alone.

When was the last time I saw some? he thought. How long has it been? He ached so bad to see someone, to feel the touch of another living soul. It was hopeless, but he kept yelling none the less.

"Yo! Anyone!? Anyone there!?"

What if I am the last one alive? This thought had crossed his mind quite a bit over the last few days as he got closer to the beach, in hopes that maybe he would find survivors there. What if there is no one left on the island? Hell, what if there is no one left in the world? Wouldn't that be just my luck? Actually being the last one in the world, and not even have someone to be with? Not even have the option to repopulate the earth?

"Come on! Here I am! Anyone!?"

Suddenly he was in shadow. He looked up and realized that he was dwarfed by two huge figures. At first he though they must be statues of ancient gods, but then he realized they moved! They're alive. Their voices bellow at him, deep like sounds from the earth. Gripped with fear but also desperate for any sort of communication with a living being, he called out to them.

"Hey! Down here! Here! I'm alive! Help!"

One reached down and lifted him up. Its appendage was fleshy and dry, but warm. The mixture of gratitude of not being alone and the paralyzing fear of these strange pale creatures cascaded through him. They continued to speak to each other in their rumbling in comprehensible language.

"Fellows! Or ladies! Thank god you found me! I've been so alone. Have you seen any of my kind? Are there any left? Can you understand me?!"

The one holding him gently passed him into the hand of the other one, who was taller and longer. This second one had rougher flesh. He tried to interpret its language and its facial expression. He wasn't sure, but he was pretty sure from its tone that it was angry.

"Hey! Let's be friends! Really! I'm just so damn alone! Please! Take me with you! Maybe I can help you."

The great being holding him became silent and glared down at him. Is it slowly smiling? Yes, maybe it understands. Maybe they will befriend me! Perhaps now I will finally be safe.

Suddenly the creature closed its fingers around him and he felt his bones snap and his muscles rip and his organs crush. In an instant he was dead.

Saywer dropped the frog to the jungle floor and walker away to Hurley's horror.