Tuesday, May 30

Causing damage


Even when one tries your best to not continue to damage those close to you, the littlest thing can do it. It's very frusterating. My very existance stretches across the internetawebthingy and I either have to become invisible or just stop worrying about it.

I like to share my interests with people, I want to have them share them with me. I want to build a circle of friends that is based off of:
•A Shared Joy of the Ridiculous
•An Appreciation of Pop-Culture and High-Culture
•Not Sex
•Creativity in all it's forms

I spend all day calling myself out for crap, it is tiring being called out for something silly.

Okay, rant over. Sunday is the first taping of Project Improviser. The book is being edited in a frenzy (although I have a mid-chapter that I'm holding off on until June 24th and the Mermaid Day Parade). I am slowly building a community... but I am getting tired of drama.