Tuesday, May 30


That last post was just sad and self-indulgent and reeked of self-pity.

Listening to NPR yesterday and learned that in Papau New Guinea one of the biggest sex filled day is the celebration of the Yam Festival. I guess it is okay to have sex with anyone, regardless of martial status. That is how they celebrate the yam. How do we American's celebrate the yam? We don't! It MAYBE gets sideshow billin' on Thanksgiving. Do we have any tubers that we celebrate with sex with strangers? NO!

On the other hand, the radio report was about the rampant spread of AIDS in Papau New Guinea. Win some, lose some.

What else have I learned recently? Red Envelope is selling leather beer holsters. However they're all sold out.

I had something up on Overheard in New York, and of course I had a typo.

Saw X-Men 3 (oops. Sorry. X-Men: The Last Stand). Heh. It was loud, poorly written, but servicible. But explain to me this: If you are just planning on killing the kid, and can lift the Golden Gate Bridge, why not just drop it on him? Or at least ram in into his room?

Ghost Rider trailer. I enjoy watching Nicky Cage hit his head or catch on fire... but beyond that it sure looks like Spawn on a Motorcycle. And that is no Snakes on a Plane.

I went to Trader Joe's in Manhattan. It was wrong. Not the same as on the West Coast. Not at all. It looks right... but it feels just wrong. It's like Zaibar's on Mel Rose. It made me very sad.

But I bought same very tasty rice crackers. Love their rice crackers.

TV season is in hiatus and the summer movies are looking bleak. Lookin'forward to Superman Returns and Pirates 2. And I am sure I will relish The Break Up. Unless it has a happy ending. No happy ending for you!