Monday, May 29

Project Improviser!

PROJECT IMPROVISER is a new internet video show that is a reality competition for long form improv. A group of eight performers will be chosen and each week they will work on a different form, which they will perform at School Night. They will then get evaluated by a panel of judges and each week one person will be eliminated. And along the way, they will have various other fun challenges that they will participate in.

I just found out I will one of the eight. I have a feeling I will be the greenhorn, the diamond in the rough, the darkhorse, the outsider, the unknown. I am very excited and just a tad scared.

I don't know when the webisodes will be going up (but our first taping is Sunday the 4th). The first live performances/contests will be Wednesdays at 11pm at The Upright Citizens Brigade starting June 7th.

Here is the site: PROJECT IMPROVISER. (Yes, nothing is there yet.)