Friday, January 30

What do about friends' tumblrs

I have my issues with tumblr but I do understand the appeal. It is ideal for a purely personal/re-blogging blog (which is really no different from this one). It has become what LiveJournal once was but cleaner. Either way, I won't get a tumblr account because I would end up just posting the same things here.

But I do enjoy following friends tumblrs. I want to list the ones I follow but it doesn't seem quite right to put them in the same list as the other blogs and such that I have listed. Since my list updates (erratically) when there are new posts. Since tumblrs sometimes update a lot more often and often with out new content beyond comments from other tumblr's, they'd all end up at the top of the list all the time. Also, since it will end being friends' tumblrs and they will re-tumbl other tumbl posts, there will be a fair amount of redundant information (just like if you read Boing Boing and then read this blog).

So I'm going to make a separate list right below the one I've already listed.

I am also going to start pruning more blogs that don't get update often. If you haven't posted in a month... well, it's gonna get cut.