Thursday, January 29

At some point yesterday I stumpled onto Topless Robot.
First, great name.
Second, I am certainly enjoying their level of geekitude. Like todays, The 10 Most Easily Averted Mad Science Disasters.
For example:
6) Improving Piranha Efficiency, Piranha/Piranha II
Piranha are like miniature sharks that live in fresh water and understand the value of teamwork. Step into the water they inhabit and they'll strip you down to the bone in seconds. Luckily, they are relatively fragile, able only to exist in their native warm-water rivers. Leave it to the Army to pump them up a bit, making them hardier, able to live in a wider variety of environments (including salt water) and, yes, smarter - then act all surprised when they escape and take down a camp full of kids downstream from the testing facility (Piranha). Then, unsatisfied with the carnage from the first batch of experiments, they figured adding some wings and the ability to breathe air would be a hot idea (Piranha II). It turned out about as well as you might expect.