Monday, January 26

Frak Pak!

Watch the Battlestar Galactica premiere a couple of weeks ago, we noticed the name of the KFC BSG tie-in sweepstakes.  They had decided on giving it a name drawing on the language of the the show.

The Frak Pak Sweepstakes.

Here's the thing: On BSG, "frak" is a replacement word for "fuck."  In every sense.  It is not just a random swear word.  People use it exactly as on would use "fuck."  In one scene last season (actually the first half of this season... which was almost a year ago... very confusing), a character said, "I want you to frak me hard" (or something close).  It is of course the problem with trying to do an honestly hard edged military drama on normal tv.  You need swearing but can't.  In my brain, I just translate it to "fuck."

Of course, that means we all heard it as "The KFC Fuck Pack Sweepstakes."  Which is both awesome and insane.

Someone at KFC finally figured it out.

(via M. Little)